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Loved my hair style! Thank you Zoe I can't recommend you highly enough!  Here you can see the flower :-) and it stayed on place ALL day and night. Thanks again Zoe you did a fantastic job x

And now on a serious note! (Sorry I couldn't resist posting that other pic!!)....thank you for everything. Was so happy with my hair, Millie's hair and Louise's hair of course. You were a godsend on the day! Xx

Zoe Zoe Zoe, where do I begin....
There are honestly no words to describe how unbelievably amazing you were on our wedding day. Obviously my hair just OMG obsessed. But most of all you were my rock prior to the actual ceremony. You were so caring and kind and patient with me to catch my breath as I was so nervous (understatement) and I cannot thank you enough for being so supportive with me. Not just on the day but even when we were getting our little hair cuts prior. 
Zoe is amazing. Whatever hairstyle you want she will do. You can change your mind 100000 times and she will not mind in the slightest. She will keep you calm when needed and tell you everything's going to be fine. I honestly couldn't recommend anyone else. If I could have a celebrity hairstylist, I would turn them down 10000000% for Zoe. No question. 
Thanks so much again Zoe and as I said probably 1000 times on the day lol, love you!!
Love Emma MYERS!!

Zoe, my first and BIGGEST thank you is to you! You were more than my wedding fairy- you were amazing yesterday! Seriously, you went above and beyond and appeared at all the right moments! Thank you so so much- for making my hair look amazing and for keeping everything so calm and organised!!! Xxxx

Hi Zoe, just wanted to say a huge thank you for Sunday! Not only did you create beautiful styles for me and all the bridesmaids, but you also kept us all calm, together and on time. We couldn't have done it without you! Thank you so much! Xxx